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Delicious Games is a project  that was  founded for the purpose of producing of the newest boardgame designed by Vladimir Suchy – Underwater Cities. Delicious Games is a small czech family project. If it would be succesful, it is possible that we will continue in producing other boardgames.  Our first game – Underwater Cities we would like to release this year for introducing it at Spiel ´18 in Essen this autumn, where we would like to have english vision of it.

Why are we DELICIOUS? We don´t  want to deny that all members of our family are crazy about sweets. None of us will  resist velvety fine chocolate or crunchy kremlin.  In the same time we don´t resist great and/or  funny boardgame. In addition our boardgame is (and we hope others will be) amazing  – shortly DELICIOUS !