Pre – orders for non Essen visitors:

We would like to inform you that you could pre-order Underwater Cities even if you don´t attend Spiel´18.

The game will be available for all of pre-orders for the price 45 EUR + 10 EUR (as postal costs)  for customers living in EU and 45 EUR + 15 EUR for non EU players.

This offer will last TILL 22nd OF OCTOBER.

After Essen it is also possible to order UC, but the price is 53,9 EUR (+postage).

All the ordered copies will be sent to you after our arrival from Essen

If you would like to take this offer please contact us at:


We are just beginners in producing boardgames on our´s own.  Of course we PLAY boardgames  for 14 years.  Vladimir has 10-year experiences with producing his games as an author and I worked last 3 years in boardgame companies.  Despite of this our family team is very small. So we decided to inform you  – fans, players and future customers  – about developing process of Underwater  Cities via FB pages.

We will share there  our problems or maybe some good news during producing „Cities“ and will be very delighted if you could help us with your comments or ideas to bring the process to a succesful release of Underwater Cities this autumn. 

Link to FB: