Author´s Editorial

We decided to establish small family publishing company. Understand it like that  family publishing company will be my wife…….I will stay „only“ a boardgame author  and will have my civil job…….You know we CAN publish my games, but we HAVE  to earn money for our living. Why do we do something like that? My wife couldn´t  find  for a couple of years some stable job after her maternity leave. So we decided to try publish my new boardgame on our´s own. What does it mean for us? A lot of stuff around – huge amount of work, losing support of experienced publishing team and time and financial investment.

That´s why… in this time „…we need you!“  as a part of our working team.  In addition to be a part of our working team and have name in rulebook probably, fans will get to know something about producing process of own boardgames.

The first experience with having our (my wife´s) edition  I had on the beginning of all of it. Before this step when my games were published by other companies (there were two) I always said to me. When my game would be excellent but sales of it are not so high, it couldn´t be my fault finally!!! When my game would be quite good and sales are high too, I could say to myself „…yeah, it was so succesful cooperation with this experienced team!!!“

Oh, yeah, but now……its not so easy……

When I imagine romantic evening with my wife starting with words  like „……Baby, I made so good game,  but  your edition pulled it so down….“  Hmmmmm, it doesn´t  sound so attractive.

Fortunately in today´s World we have global economics with mysterious contexts, so it could sound somehow  like „…Baby, it was our great cooperation on my ideas, excellent production, graphics, marketing, but the problem was the offensive of rest of islamic state to that village by Eufrat river…“


As we said in Editorial, we decided to public constantly Underwater Cities producing process and its development.  Reason for this is that we would like to promote it as a future product naturally and at the same time we want to show our fans what should we manage during production of Eurogame. Next reason is that we hope you will help us with solving our dilemas and problems in some aspects of the game.  We really appreciate help of our boardgame fans  so our idea is to choose before Spiel´18 in Essen  the most active contributors  from which we allot three who will get a free copy of Underwater Cities.

Question 1 – How should we illustrate sea bottom ?? Wonderful sea from Dreamland or not??:

Theme of our game takes place in future and players are project managers  for building underwater areas, where could live part of our population. Every player has his own plan of underwater area, which presents sea bottom.  On this plan players build domes (cities), tunnels and devices as laboratories, desalination plants and farms.

The question is….How to illustrate this underwater bottom…?

First idea was: We let to illustrate water, there will be some waves, fish and nice blue sea.

First  illustrator´s comment: OK, but players will build their cities right on the sea surface, it could look strange.

Our idea: So we could illustrate seabed, we build cities right on the sea bottom, we could illustrate there also some beautiful colourful corals, fish, seahorses and other beautiful  „sea-stuff“.

Then another comment: Domes which are built by players are so big, if we would like to keep size ratio of all the things there, corals and seahorses can´t be visible enough because of its real size.

Comment of Ecologist: We can´t build domes on preserved corals!

Idea:  Ok, we could try something like a map of seabed area taken as a photo from a high altitude – something like remote sensing picture. Seabed could be visible and players could build on the sea bottom.

Our great illustrator has made a sketch of underwater bottom.  We added contours for building device necessary for imaging how it all works together and can´t wait the moment we test  it with our friends.

Comments from next testing:

„Oops, why do you call it Underwater Cities and build domes on the Moon surface plan?“

Oh, yeah, it isn´t the right way of illustrating it…

Next ideas follow:

We can try to forgot a perspective a little bit and add some corals, it should look like a sea. In addition three corners of the underwater plan should be above sea level , there should be land and beach or some transition to the sea.

Dialog with the illustrator follows: If I illustrate it this way, we are building on the sea-surface again 

Yep, we know, you are true.  So what can we do with that…..?  We can try view to the cities in the corners of the plan, transition to the water and the rest as a bottom with corals. However  we must accept that this is future underwater area in future World.  Why wouldn´t be possible the situation that project manager lies on a mat on the sea – surface with left eye above the sea level and look at the city and the right eye having  under sea level  and if it is possible also to hold his telescope. With this telescope he could see also corals around

When we accept this unreal  idea,  we illustrate very nice picture of underwater building area which will look as a sea bottom and everything what belongs to it and not as a Moon surface picture.

We are adding 4 proposals of visual look of our underwater plans. We are interested in your opinion to these proposals. What do you think about possible unreal perspective of these pictures? Is it OK? And what about color of it?


Main Board I.

How to lay out the main playing board

First of all in case of producing our  card placement game is to specify the size of cards.

Our  first idea was:  We would like to have beautiful  big cards. We are working on „Underwater Cities“, one can create nice big illustration to theme like this!!! When we close our eyes, we dream about undersea organic machines, smuggler´s submarines and woods of kelps.

But as usually when someone decides to produce his own game it isn´t so easy…Printing company will satisfy you with any size of it, but if it should be more rentable for you, they offer you some standard sizes to print specific number of cards on one sheet. We plan to print one sheet of cards for one our box of Underwater Cities.

Our printing company offered us card size 63 mm x 83 mm. This size is comfortable for card picture and icons on it. OK, we will try it.

From the beginning  we think about circle-shaped main board.  It should represent World – this is the reason for circled shape.  On the edge of this circle there should be place enough for 15 cards one next to other and also some place for special cards. Individual slots would have space around and then the cards will be laid down on the board partly only. Players will also have their own smaller boards of underwater areas in front of them on the table, then a lot of sources and domes and tunnels should be on the table and also two rows of special cards….Darling, do you think that it is normal that every potencial player of our game will have at home a table approximately big as a back wheel of tractor? Do not? Are you sure? You are, hmmmm.

So we can try to deal with it another way. We arrange it to the rectangle board. We hope it would work better.  Shouldn´t we ask our graphic designer? Before we do it we should try to arrange all cards and components to rectangle board and around on our table {120×80 cm} by ourself.  We cut pieces of paper of supposed components with scissors, make a rough draft of a board with pencil and move it on the surface of our kitchen table.  Here is the place for cards, here for components, player´s  boards, main board etc…

Baby, why have we such a small table? What? Our table is quite normal? Really? Do you agree with me we should sale also a special „submarine“ table with our „Cities”? Maybe it could be better for players to borrow the table from neighbours and move half of their furniture from living room before every play of Underwater Cities…What do you think? I am so tired I think it´s time to go to bed now…

Right time for another idea is in the morning. It is very strange but really true that usually most of problems disappear in the mornings. Our minds are clear and not full of thoughts. And in addition we try another offered size of cards that count with 56 mm width.  Advantage of using these cards could be that there will be place enough on one printing sheet for more of them and costs  will not rise. Details of pictures maybe won´t be  visible as good as on bigger ones but all the game material would be playable on one standard sized table and everything will fit the way it should.

Oh, yes, we are satisfied with this size of cards . We could imagine now that we are able to produce the game, which could be playable also without renting a conference hall.  We feel enthusiasm for next few days. Cards fit to the board, our skilled graphic designer  arranges all on the board the way we discussed, point track is good, in the middle of the board is place enough for piles with sources and domes. All together it looks quite neatly. Two rows of special cards and player´s underwater boards will be on the table outside of the main board.  Players will also have some space for their displayed cards in front of them.

Pictures of first 2 versions of main board


We are winking our hands and hurry up to test the rectangle board.  Cities fit quite good to the average sized playing table, testing passes of good and players are very satisfied. We are discussing with testers ….but  suddenly  we her…..“what about the cards with credits on the other side of the board? Didn´t I get some points for buying them?“…..oh no, after Langer discussion we realise that Special credit cards were not visible enough, so players didn´t buy them.

What do you think, darling? Would it be good to add telescopes to the UC box? They were two enough only for the players on the other side of the table J Don´t you ?

So, we decide to display Special credit cards to the center of the board instead of the sources, domes and tunnels.

The last change I has made because of testers opinion is to introduce special mission cards which could be fulfilled during the gameplay. These mission cards are also displayed on the main board.